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Moira Furnace Folk Festival

Thanks to all those who... attended the festival, we hope we see you again soon. Thank you too, for filling in those feedback forms (use internal scroll to read points raised), they are a great help and all comments are being taken on board.

If you have further comments or suggestions, please email info@moirafurnacefolkfestival.co.uk
or join us on the Moira Furnace Folk Festival Facebook page


Feedback 2014

The festival committee have read all of the comments on the feedback forms and are grateful for the comments that were made.

We have provided our responses to the comments together with the actions that are being taken.

In some cases personal opinions differ, so these have been noted but no action taken when only a small number of people have expressed an opinion about a particular artist.

Swearing on stage is not necessary
We will include a note to all artists reminding them that swearing on stage is not acceptable.

Could do with more chairs in the bar area
We will ask for more chairs to be provided.

Could do with lights extending into the car park
We have looked into this and it is not feasible. There will be a reminder to all campers that they need to bring a torch with them.

People were directed to the overflow campsite, when the lower section of the campsite was not full
The lower section of the campsite is reserved for dance sides and a car park for the general public. The festival has taken car parking spaces for the siting of the main marquee so we are obliged to provide alternative parking for the general public who are visiting the play area and the Moira Furnace site.

Could do with something to help reduce the impact of the kerb, at the entrance to the campsite
This will be looked at and a solution provided.

Better water sign
We will make sure that the problem will not occur again and an additional sign will be put up.

Would be great to be able to buy bread, milk and eggs on site
We will ask local suppliers if they are able to visit the site each morning.

No board for water filling
A board will be supplied.

More water points on campsite
This has been looked at in previous years and is not possible.

More publicity on chalkboards of singaround sessions, especially the loft
Singaround sessions will be included in the printed programme and also on noticeboards by the festival office.

Not enough chairs in the Outbar marquee
The maximum number of chairs for the marquee that had been provided were set out. We will request that the usual larger marquee is provided.

Several issues relating to a dancing area, including problems caused by people dancing in front of seats and the need for a discrete dancing area.
An area for dancing will be provided at the rear of the Dave Johns marquee.

Several issues relating to problems in the Dave Johns marquee
A larger marquee has been booked which will give more room for moving to and from seats, more leg room and avoiding the video tripods.

Lots of comments about limited food outlets
Unfortunately, one of the caterers did not turn up. We have already booked additional catering outlets, including a fish and chip van.

Lots of comments about the printed programme, mainly related to the limited numbers that were available.
Different arrangements are being made for the printing of the programme which will be available in advance of the festival.

The puppet show was religious and not folk
This was provided by the local church where the folk service is held. This would have been explained in the festival programme thereby giving people choice whether or not to attend. The festival has been made possible by the involvement of the local community who welcome us to their village. We feel that it is necessary to reciprocate this welcome by involving local groups in our activities.

Times for the showers need adjusting
Adjusted to 9.30 a.m. to 11 a.m. with no afternoon session.

No signage at Junction 11 of the M42 and need for more signs in Moira village
People will be advised to follow the Conkers signs until they get to Moira village. Signs will be erected in Moira village to direct people to the festival site.

Scouts came at noon when the car park was already full, due to poor parking
The scouts will be asked to come at 11 a.m.

Suggest 2 x roving stewards
This is being dealt with.

No need to stop people entering marquee during songs
Signs will be placed at the entrance to all venues, reminding people of the need to only enter and leave between songs. The festival committee strongly feel that this example of folk etiquette shows respect to both the performers and fellow festival goers.

Need to advertise and sell day tickets online
Day tickets will be advertised and sold online nearer the festival date, depending on weekend ticket sales.

Outbar stage was a bit out of the way
The Outbar marquee was moved to avoid conflicting sound from the dance side musicians. The distance that it was moved was minimal.

Need for more craft stalls
All available spaces were taken.

Whistle workshop?
One has been organised.

More workshops
We are limited in the number of workshops that we can hold by available venues.

Longer showcase session
The time has been extended.

MFFF 2014