Our 2019 Performers

The 2019 line–up...


Afternoon concert from 1pm

Abacus Duo, Mice in a Matchbox, Band on the Rum,
Tom Patterson and Dave Morton

Evening concerts from 6pm

Steve and Julie Wigley, Alan Jones, Dave Gibb, Campbell/Taylor,
Paul Walker and Karen Pfeiffer, Sesar and Halliday, Winter Wilson,
Two Daves, Blackbeard’s Tea Party.



Afternoon concerts from 12 noon

Cateran, Luckenbooth, The Quiggs, Corinne and Barry Priest,
Ian Walker Band, On the Fence, Hicks and Goulbourn,
Mice in a Matchbox, ALAW, Mick and Andrea Scott, Ninebarrow.

Evening concerts from 6.15pm

Cateran, Bethany Kay, Sound Tradition, Tom Patterson and Dave Morton, The Quiggs, Luckenbooth, Ian Walker Band, Band on the Rum, Ninebarrow, ALAW.

Ceilidh (7.30pm) with Alterego



Afternoon concerts from 12.30pm

Paul Walker and Karen Pfeiffer, Corinne and Barry Priest, The Mile Roses, Sear and Halliday, Steve and Julie Wigley, On the Fence, Sound Tradition, Campbell/Taylor.

Afternoon and evening concerts from 4.30pm

Hicks and Goulbourn, Bethany Kay, Dave Gibb, Alan Jones,
Winter Wilson, Mick and Andrea Scott, The Mile Roses, Two Daves, Anthony John Clarke Band.

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£25.00 / 26.00
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£20.00 / 21.00
(incl: workshops)

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