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Peace Concert

12.30 - 3.00pm Sunday 19th August 2018

Festival (Sunday) DAY and WEEKEND tickets includes Peace Concert

We are drawing to an end of the Centenary commemorations of the
Great War; the War to end all Wars!

The war was nearly lost in 1917. The Russians had left the battlefield with the October Revolution to take care of. The French Government had resigned en–bloc and the Americans (who were still in the process of assembling an Army) decided to enter the fray and flex their muscles (as they have been doing ever since!). There was even dismay of the slaughter within the British Government.

Shortly after The Battle of Passchendaele, Lord Lansdowne (variously: Secretary of State for War and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs) wrote his “Peace Letter” which was published in the Daily Telegraph. Less than a year later, the Armistice was signed in November 1918 that brought hostilities to an end.

Or did it? Britain remained at a state of war with Germany well into 1919 and threatened to restore hostilities if Germany did not “toe the line”. Twenty years on from that and they were at it again!

The Peace Concert will feature material in the form of Songs, Poems, Spoken Word and Tunes.

We will start with WW1 and then move through the interwar years onto WW2 and then onto more recent times, conflicts and situations.

The Concert will be a continuous presentation where the stage will be set up with a minimal PA. After the briefest of introductions by the Host, the first act will enter the stage–left and perform their piece(s). They will then exit stage–right as the next act enters stage–left to perform; with no introduction. At the half way stage there will be a short break.

The Concert will conclude with the emphasis on Hope and Reconciliation.

Peace Concert
Peace Concert Artists