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Moira Furnace Folk Festival

Thanks to all those who... attended the festival, we hope we see you again soon. Thank you too, for filling in those feedback forms (use internal scroll to read points raised), they are a great help and all comments are being taken on board.

If you have further comments or suggestions, please email info@moirafurnacefolkfestival.co.uk
or join us on the Moira Furnace Folk Festival Facebook page


Feedback 2019

There were 51 forms returned in total of which 31 all ticked as satisfactory or better.

The main area for below satisfactory was in relation to food choice. However, this was not representative in general. In the past we have had 2 plus and 3 plus food outlets, but for the number of festival goers in attendance it was not viable for the vendors, or in some cases they did not turn up and one year we were left with no food at all! We can look at other outlets in view of the number of requests regarding veggie/vegan choices.

Flush toilets, unfortunately, are not an option as there is no running water to maintain them. We did check with the supplier who assured us that all the loos were full of fluid, but some might need more pumping than others. It is not an instant reaction like the toilets at home!

Regarding ‘craft stalls’, there were 3 cancellations in the week leading up to the festival due to illness or in one case an accident.

The water tap should be re sited in 2020, as Moira Furnace, who we rent the site from, are planning to lay a permanent water pipe. It will be sign posted and notices put up so that festival goers are aware that it should only be used for filling water carriers or tanks.

In reviewing the requests for future artists, there was quite a varied list. Some of the suggestions would be way out of the budget for a small festival such as ours, unless the ticket price is increased considerably to cover the fee. We will of course endeavour to provide a varied choice of performers whilst considering you our festival paying customers.

T–Shirts will again be available to purchase in 2020 ready to collect and wear at the festival. Look out for the order form on the website.

In answer to the difference shown regarding ticket / camping prices, the first figure is postal applications price and the slightly higher one Paypal applications price.

Some of your suggestions have been noted and included in the Agenda for the planning meeting for MFFF 2020, scheduled for October.

Thanks to those who completed the forms as we can only attempt to improve some, but maybe not all aspects, unless we know what you think.

MFFF 2014