Booking Tickets Online

Please note:
Due to cancellation
Festival Tickets are no longer available
to purchase for
2020 Moira Furnace Folk Festival

Click here for more detail, plus information on 2021 MFFF

Early Bird tickets for
2021 Moira Furnace Folk Festival
will be available here soon



Some have asked for details of artists due to appear in 2021.
Please see below those already booked...

Winter Wilson
Kim Lowings & the Greenwood
Dave Gibb
Anthony John Clarke Trio
Hicks & Goulbourn
Shackleton Trio
Lost Notes
Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer
Bass & Taylor

The Laners, Bill Adair, Tom Perry & Clive Brooks, Davy Lees,
The Paper Circus, Steve & Dee Marshall, Phoebe Rees,
Pauline Vallance, On the Fence, Steve & Julie Wigley,
and The Two Daves


Looking forward to meeting up with friends, old and new, in 2021

MFFF Audience 2011